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Arta de a trai cu stil.

My English presentation

My name is Luana Ibacka, I am 42 years old, and my birth sign is Aries with ascendant- lion. Between 20th and 30th years I have joined a beautiful journalism and photography carrier but in that previous period I was called by my family Mitran. In that decade I have been awarded many times as “The journalist of the year”, or either “the best fashion photographer” and “V.I.P. photographer” which accomplished me as professional in this particular field. Even if my name “Luana Mitran” as the signature of important musical covers, shootings session for several glossy magazines had became a successful business opportunity in the mean time I enjoyed working for others activities as: Television PR, Advertising trough entertainment shows and artistically management. Few of my previous employment were: PR Manager for Victoria Casino, PR Manager for Prima TV, PR Manager for B1 TV, Art Director for copywriter magazines and romance books, Graphic Design and Creation for catalogues and leaflets. One of the other activities which I mentioned above is my own audio-video production studio where I am developing projects for TV shows, Radio shows or websites (online internet activities). My fist step in Home and Deco has started in 2004 when I have been become the Chief Editor for “Home Magazine”. Further to those activities since 2004 I have my own broadcasting show on B1 TV, having as principal theme the construction and real estate, architecture and interior design, internal furnishings. The shows were broadcasting every Sunday between 11.30-12.30 a.m.

In the present, i moved my activity on PRIMA TV, so people can follow everu saturday at 12 “Five stars home” and everey monday at 20,30 “Farmers looking for wives”.
My future goals are to provide my professional skills as events hosting (MC) and to become more popular in other fields. My experience skill offers me the advantage to be in the same time the image star of the client campaign, event organizer and MC for launching campaign.
Also, I would like to step in into food area with a new TV project, a cooking show. Beside, for the moment I became the image of the constructor who is selling “lightweight structure” houses and soon enough I will take place at the project as partnership.